Carolina Beach

A hop and a skip away from Wilmington is Carolina Beach.  Here you can have the island lifestyle without being to far from anything else you may want.  Carolina Beach has many events throughout the year that are a blast to participate in or to sit back relax and enjoy the view.  Take a drive out on the north end and camp out for a wonderful night on the beach or drive down to the south end of the island and check out Fort Fisher or the North Carolina Aquarium.  Whatever you decide to do Carolina Beach has many options to keep everyone entertained.

North End

The North End in Carolina Beach is a place that you can drive your four-wheel drive vehicle out onto the beach and camp out for the night.  If you do not feel like camping out for the night bring out the surf board or the ocean kayak and have some fun out in the water.  It will cost you $20 to drive out on the beach for the day but at least you will have your vehicle with you and can head into town to get anything you may have forgotten.  If you decide to stay for the night, camp fires are permitted and restrooms are not too far away from each camp sight.


South End

On the South End of the island are Fort Fisher and the North Carolina Aquarium.  Here you can check out the old fort that was built during the civil war and helped blockade runners supply goods to the confederate.  If history is not your thing, then you can always go to the aquarium and see all of the wildlife.  Some of the exciting things are seeing the albino alligator and watching some of the scuba divers swim around with the various fish and sharks in some of the tanks. 

The Boardwalk

A great place to walk around is on the boardwalk!  Here you can walk along the beach and take in the beautiful views or walk around the many shops.  This gives you a great place to be able to go out on the beach and still be walking distance to some food.  Some of the shops that are there are a small ice cream parlor, a pizza joint, and the area's famous Britt's Donut shop.