Social Media

Welcome to my Social Media Page. Here you can see how I socially market your listing while maximizing exposure and what your home has to offer.

Social Media is becoming bigger and bigger in marketing listings.  I take care of making sure each of my client’s listings are on major listing websites as well as market listings on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Sea Coast Realty also has Virtual Tours of each of our listings that are connected with other forms of Social Media (for more information see below). If one person likes or shares one of my listings, then it has the potential to be seen by thousands and thousands of people on the internet. I also have everything sponsered which makes it easier for people who are looking for a home, to share with friends, family, and loved ones.  Open houses are another way to create exposure for your listing in which I also advertise on YouTube. Having a background in business marketing has furthered all of my listings' marketing and is what I really excel in. Marketing is a huge part but not all of it. The database and connections I have in a variety of different cities and states makes it very easy for me to share and spread the news about listings to thousounds of people at a time. I use an eight step marketing program. Since implementing this eight step program, I have been selling homes in under a month; which is the second step out of the eight. Whether you want to list or buy with me, just know that I will use Social Media to market your listing or to find you that special home that you have been looking for. Soical Media is a big part of my campaign but only part. I use many different tools that are very effective. 

Virtual Tours are a great way to show off what your home has to offer.  These tours are created for each of my listings with a professional voice over for that touch of personality.  Once these tours are created they are posted to the Sea Coast Realty YouTube channel and I make sure to have them sent out to other major listing sites.